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Each of our Complete Athlete Speed Training and Strength Training Programs are designed to develop the appropriate coordination, stability, strength and speed that the athlete needs to be successful.

We determine the correct level based on the athlete’s Functional Athletic Evaluation score. Once we have done the Evaluation, and discussed the athlete’s and parent’s goals, we will make a recommendation on which speed training or strength training program is best suited for the athlete.

An athlete can begin in the Jump Start, a program without testing, at any time. GO: Sports never promotes an athlete above the level they test into, until they retest into an advanced level. This is for the development and safety of the athlete and the other athletes in the programs. If your athlete would like to try the Jump Start Program out, fill out this one day waiver form before the start of the class.

GO: Sports offers a variety of unique programs that can be tailored to fit any athlete’s schedule. We understand that each athlete’s goals, schedule, and budget are unique. That is why we offer a variety of different payment plans. Whether an athlete is capable of participating four times a week or just a few times a month, we have a program that will fit your budget and will get the athlete the results they are looking for.

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