GO: Sports Performance Columbus Ohio powered by Parisi Speed School F.A.Q.

I have heard that your athletes don’t lift as hard and heavy as other places, is this true? Click For Answer

The answer to this question is complex.

First, we use a periodized training model, so the workouts change every 2-4 weeks; and the intensity changes along with the exercises.

Second, Go: Sports Performance is about training smarter, then training harder. If we had to choose between smarter and harder, it would be training smarter. By doing this, we can make what seems like small changes in exercise, have huge carry-over into sports. Small things like multi directional exercises, using just 1 arm or 1 leg at a time, can make a huge difference when you are in the game.

Third, we do not try to make up for less effective training by impressing the parents with their young athletes ready to pass out when they are done with their class, or being belittled during the class. We want the athletes to enjoy working out, and want to give them the support and encouragement needed to be and feel successful.

We liken this training style to how a great sculptor works. A sledgehammer is only needed at the beginning. The artist knows when to switch to a fine tuned smaller hammer. It’s the fine-tuning and subtle changes that make a piece of art great. Most other programs apply the “sledgehammer” approach all the time. We apply it in a selective way and we also have fine tuning tools to make the athlete better in ways that other places can’t.

My athlete wants to workout at GO: Sports, but their coach wants them to lift with the team at their high school, what do I do? Click For Answer

If your athlete is required, or prefers, to lift with the team at their high school they can still take advantage of our speed classes. We are powered by Parisi Speed Schools, a nationally recognized program and can continue to help your athlete out side of team lifting days.

Do girls lift in this program? Click For Answer

Yes, and they love it. We are, actually, well known for making our female athletes successful. We know what they need to get results. Also, because our focus is on athleticism, athletic strength and speed; the young ladies will not be intimidated by people trying to dead-lift or squat 800 pounds.

Do you do Strongman training for the athletes? Click For Answer

Sorry, no. After all the research, it is an effective training modality for making stronger kids, but they become less athletic or even injured most of the time. Some injuries don’t show up from this style of training for months or even years. Worse yet, these injuries can plague the athletes for the rest of their lives. However, since GO: Sport’s owner has done so well with coaching and competing in Strongman, he has incorporated all of the functional athletic movements and benefits of Strongman training into a safe, effective, and athletic training program.

How many athletes will be in each class? Click For Answer

At GO: Sports, the maximum number of athletes per coach is 8, but our average is 4-5 athletes per class. The national average is 1 coach to 12 athletes.

What is the youngest athlete you allow? Click For Answer

Generally, 9 years old. Occasionally, we will allow a very mentally, emotionally, and physically mature 8 year old.

Do you offer nutrition advice? Click For Answer

We offer the best nutrition software for each athlete. The athlete and/or parent can log into the program from their home, and layout a plan for the nutritional needs of the athlete based on their body, age, and goals.

You can make food substitutions, track your daily intake, and even print out grocery lists. It is very easy to use, and very beneficial to the athlete.

How much do classes cost? Click For Answer

There are many ways of purchasing, but they are between $18 and $25 per session.

Do you offer personal training for athletes? Click For Answer

We do, but prefer the small group training. We feel it is more affordable, and for most athletes, they get the same results. However; if the athlete needs more 1-on-1 attention, for any reason, or because of their times don’t match with our class times, we will do personal training.

Do you offer classes for parents? Click For Answer

Our sister company GO: Fitness has very similar classes and training modalities as GO: Sports, but is geared towards the needs of adults.

Should my athlete lift? Click For Answer

The answer is Yes, I hear this over and over from parents. They have heard, or someone told a friend of theirs. I have heard of everything from damaging Growth plates, to over developing muscles, and other nonsense. Those were doctor’s recommendations that originated about 30 years ago before any real research had been done.

The fact is, if an athlete jumps off a platform that is 24 inches off the ground they are landing with more force than they could generate in the weight room. As far as current research, studies have shown conclusively that sub-maximum lifting benefits pre pubescent youth, (7- 13 year olds) for motor-skill development and body stabilization & control.

Also, athletes over the ages of 12 to 13 are at the perfect age for developing the foundation for speed, strength, and power that will last for an athlete’s entire lifetime. Along with both age groups the confidence and self-esteem that is gained with strength training is immeasurable for both boys and girls.

The position Statement of the National Strength and Conditioning Association states the following in regard to Youth Resistance Training: “It is the current position of the NSCA that: 1. A properly designed and supervised resistance program is safe for children. 2. A properly designed and supervised resistance program can increase the strength of children. 3. A properly designed and supervised resistance program can help to enhance the motor fitness skills and sport performance of children. 4. A properly designed and supervised resistance program can help prevent injuries in youth sports and recreational activities. 5. A properly designed and supervised resistance program can help to improve the psychological well- being of children. 6. A properly designed and supervised resistance program can enhance the overall health of children.”

Is your program all about lifting? Click For Answer

No. Our Sports Performance programs focus equally on Speed, Agility, Quickness and Coordination. It is only through combining these elements, with functional strength, that allows an athlete to become a complete athlete.

How is Integrated Functional Training different from the other programs the athlete can choose from? All sports are built on circular force rotations, multi-planar movements, level changes, balance and stability. Think about it this way, sports are dynamic: running, throwing, kicking, pushing, pulling, stabilizing, and twisting, all while primarily standing on 1 leg and using 1 arm. So shouldn’t their lifting programs require them to do the same?

Can I bring in friends to try out some classes? Click For Answer

You sure can, after their parent stops in and sign a waiver, or you can download the waiver form here and send it in with the athlete. We never deviate from this. It is for the safety of the new athlete and the other athletes in the class, as well as respect for class size.

Where can I find the athlete day waiver form? Click For Answer

You can download it by clicking here. It is also located under information in the menu and on the Jump Start Program page under athlete programs in the menu.

Is there some place for the parents to wait while my athlete trains? Click For Answer

We have designed a comfortable room with two TVs, WiFi, a conference table, and a couch. It also has a half glass wall so that the athletes are visible.

Do I have to stay while my athlete trains? Click For Answer

No. Once you have signed your athlete up and signed the waiver, you can drop them off and run errands if you want/need.

How do you know what program and level the athlete should be in? Click For Answer

The evaluation is our tool for determining what level the athlete should be training in, along with any other issues he or she might have. We are not as concerned with the athlete’s beginning strength level, as we are with how well the athlete moves.

Many athletes come to us with incredible strength, but with no core, hip, knee, and ankle stability. Our evaluation is very effective in showing athletes and parents what the athlete needs to work on, to be safe and to move to the next level.

Does my athlete train alone or in groups? Click For Answer

Groups. We use a “Montessori” style approach that helps our athletes develop completely. Helping and teaching other athletes, will ensure they know what they are doing.

It is a priority at GO: Sports Performance to respect each client as an individual. As the athlete progresses through the higher levels of training, the class size will get smaller and more specific to suit their needs.

How do we get started? Click For Answer

Please give us a call at 614-453-1446 to set up a time to visit our training center, or click here to sign up for our Free Orientation and Evaluation.