Our Philosophy

Functional Warm Up and Stretching Hurdle Workout Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to train and develop youth athletes.

Our Goal is not to train pro athletes. To that end, we believe that it is a disservice to train our youth athletes like Olympic or professional athletes. THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES! It is irresponsible to train youth athletes as though they are 22 to 30 year-old professionals.

High-school and junior-high athletes are at the most critical point in their athletic careers. The GO: Sports system individually assesses each athlete to discover which fundamental elements they are missing, and then develops these missing pieces. These elements include: stability, coordination, balance, quickness, speed, flexibility, range of motion, core strength, functional strength, athletic power, and a proper mental attitude.

Developing and expanding these fundamentals are critical to the athlete’s success and gives them the best opportunity to compete at the next level. This is a crucial component that most of our competitors often overlook or neglect.

We will also build upon the strengths that the athlete already possesses. We will teach them how to expand upon on those skills to stand above traditionally-trained athletes.

With the GO: Sports training model we have proven that we can take a player that was riding the bench and make them a team captain in one year. We have proven that we can take the average player and after two years help get them a full collegiate scholarship. That’s what we are about; developing athletes on and off the playing field and not increasing weight-room numbers.

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