Sophie Hemleben

Go:Sports has made me a better disciplined athlete on and off the field. They have taught me to push myself to limits that I did not know was possible. I enjoy working out there more than ever before and never take my time there for granted. I have become a better golfer and sprinter because of Go:Sports. Not only have I become stronger I have also met many amazing athletes from around central Ohio that are just as determined as me and push me harder.
Sherry Dean
Mother of Blake Dean
Go Sports has been such a wonderful addition to my sons workout routine. He went in an off season between football and baseball and was able to start baseball tryouts in top shape. He loved going every day and always came out of the workouts saying he had a really fun time. They do a great job of engaging the kids, getting to know them, and making sure they enjoy their time there. My son made the team he was wanting to and was made a team captain by his coach.
Chris Bracken
Father of Luke and Emma
I have been so impressed with the results that my kids achieved this winter. In the span of three short months, they improved their overall speed, agility, change of direction, and endurance. The staff at Go Sports is incredible and customized their workouts for both of my kids' specific needs. I would highly recommend Go Sports to any parents looking to improve their kids' overall speed, agility, and endurance! Thank you.
Natalie Kompa
Mother of Olivia Kompa (12) - Jones Middle School
Since Olivia began coming to GO: a few months ago, her acceleration on the tennis court has improved significantly. She can get to difficult balls better. Her coach even commented, “WOW, you really seem to be getting your speed!” Thanks GO:!
Patty Sturtz
Mother of Alexis Sturtz (12) Jones Middle School
Dear GO: Sports, With all of the support and encouragement you all give Alexis, I thought it appropriate to let you know how much it means. Alexis has shown so much progress in so many ways, especially her confidence and her ability. She looks forward to coming to work with all of you and that in itself is a priceless gift. Thanks!
Julie Zwayer (16)
Upper Arlington High School
My freshman year I was already a pretty good softball player but still on JV. In 6 months GO: Sports gave me the speed and power I needed to become the starting 2nd basemen on Varsity at Upper Arlington High School. There is no way I could have done this without GO: Sports.
John Thiel
Father of Kix and Jake Thiel Go Sports Testimonial John Thiel

GO: Sports, I have been truly impressed with the huge gains both of my sons have accomplished over the past 4 months. Jake (13) enrolled in your strength and power training classes, which he has made tremendous gains in technique, confidence and overall strength. Kix (14) is enrolled in your linear speed and change of direction classes and has shaved off .3 of a second in his 40 yard. Thanks Ashley and the Entire Staff.

John Thiel

Christopher Peters and Melissa Rady
Parents of Edmund Rady-Peters
To GO: Sports and GO: Fitness, I want to say thank you for helping Edmund overcome his physical disabilities that were described in his IEP (Individualized Experience Plan). Over the course of the last four months, Edmund has gone from 40% under-deficient to 90% fully-sufficient. This has been such a great improvement that his self-esteem, self-initiative, and academic progress has surpassed 90% of his IEP requirements. Thank you so much!
Anthony Beach
Parent of Kennedy Beach Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Beach

I would like to thank all the GO: Sports team for all their support and work in helping Kennedy reach her goal as a FULL ride scholarship athlete! She has been coming to you for 6 years and it has not only made her stronger, faster and injury resilient but it is the life's lesson's that she will take away forever committing to a healthy exercise filled lifestyle.

Katie Mitchell
Signed Ashland University 2015
Piper and Bailey Farrell

Macauley Mikes (15)
Upper Arlington High School Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Mikes
GO: Sports helped me become the fastest girl on my basketball team. When running in sprints, I beat many of the girls by the foul-line and sometimes a few by half court! If it weren’t for GO: Sports, I probably would not have finished as quickly as I do now. This has been beneficial in games to be able to get down the court faster than everyone else!
Mckinly Vazquez
Signed Denison University - 2015
Kennedy Beach
Signed James Madison University 2015
Sharla and Todd Starker
Parents of Erik and Ben Starker Go Sports Testimonial Athletes Starker
Our sons Erik and Ben are both dedicated soccer players, determined to reach their potential and be the best that they can be. A friend recommended Go Sports Performance as a terrific cross-training option, and over the last two years it has been everything we hoped for and more. Soccer requires endurance, quick bursts of speed, and quick feet and agility. Soccer fans know, there's also a lot of upper body contact - pushing, pulling, and fighting for position. Go Sports has helped in all of these areas. Erik and Ben are much, much quicker now and can get to balls left in space that they simply would not have been able to get to. Beyond straight-line speed, their ability to change directions quickly, accelerate, and move fast sideways or backpedaling makes them shine on the soccer field. The strength training might seem to be less applicable to soccer, but that's not the case. At the very least, the resistance training helps round out athletes that find themselves specializing in one or two sports at younger ages these days. Strength training helps prevent injury, too. Erik tore a ligament in his ankle, and his orthopedic doctor encouraged him to go to Go Sports to strengthen his ankle after rehab and help prevent leg injuries in the future. On top of that, the strength they have developed helps on the field as they battle for position and the ball. Finally, the results speak for themselves. Erik and Ben both came to high level soccer at an older age than many, and so started on the lowest team in their club. Over the last two years, with the help of Go Sports, they have both reached high level teams in their club and are enjoying tremendous success! Thanks Go Sports!
Mother of Matthew Skidmore (14) Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Skidmore
Being over 6’1” with size 14 feet by age 14 often doesn’t bode well for coordination. Add to that a frame that was easily described as “skinny” and our son was struggling to compete to his full potential. Matthew started with GO: Sports in June of 2009, and in just 3 months he had added 15 pound of muscle and improved his coordination immensely. While his 7th grade basketball season was a struggle for the whole family, he just finished his 8th grade season as a starter and has now been asked to join a competitive AAU team. A friend who hadn’t seeing him play in a year was amazed at how he had changed, saying it was like watching a different athlete. I’m certain he would not have achieved what he has without GO: Sports. He’s worked hard, but enjoyed himself, never once complaining about attending and always asking to up the number of sessions when his schedule allowed. I’m incredibly grateful to the staff at GO: Sports- for their knowledge , their encouragement and the results they’ve helped our son obtain.
Chase Lenhart (16)
Westland High School
Over the last year, Go Sports has helped me become more explosive and powerful while strengthening my core. My sprinting speed, weight lifting, and vertical leap have increased tremendously. My reaction time is quicker and my flexibility has improved based on Go's workouts and principals. I would like to thank the staff at Go for their assistance in helping me become a better athlete and prepare for the upcoming football season.
Sarah Garrison
Columbus School For Girls Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Garrison
Go: Sports has increased my ability to play Field Hockey to the best that I can, and because of Go: Sports this fall season will be my best one yet. Go: Sports focuses mainly on agility, strength, and speed. The agility training has helped me so that I am quicker on my feet when avoiding having the ball pushed into them by the other team. The strength has increased the distance and power behind my hits and passes. My hits now get to my teammates further up the field and are now also cleaner because of the strength I've obtained from Go: Sports. Speed training has made it so that I can get to the ball faster than my opponent by enough so that I can look up and see where I need to send the ball and where my teammates are. I really recommend Go: Sports for any athlete because they push you just enough to get results out of you. It shows in your sport that all your dedication and hard work does pay off.
Brent Bohl
Father of Brady Bohl
Thank you GO: Sports! In only 2 months Brady has improved his form, confidence and golf swing! He is also crushing the baseball!
Ken and Amy Bailey
Parents of Matt Bailey Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Bailey
Our son Matt has been going to GO: Sports for the last 3 to 4 years. During that time he has attended a variety of different camps and clinics to become a better athlete and a better basketball player. Of everything that Matt has done during that time period, GO: Sports has by far been the most beneficial. Not only has it helped him gain physical strength, speed and quickness but it gives him a mental edge as well. The folks at GO: Sports really know what they are doing and we would recommend them to anyone looking to become a better athlete or to get an edge on their competition.
Scott and Lianne McGlade
Parents of Oliver McGlade
Go Sports has given our son so many benefits since he began the program last Spring. The sessions at GO have been instrumental in changing the way Oliver plays the game of basketball. His speed and agility have increased ten-fold and helped him become a strong player for Upper Arlington High School. He can jump, rebound and out-run any opponent on the floor. His defense is no longer a weakness. He is a definite force on the court. It is wonderful to hear comments from friends and family about how much Oliver has improved this year. The coaches at GO not only teach but support, motivate and build the athlete's confidence in their athletic ability. It is not hard to get Oliver to attend his sessions at GO because he knows that he is becoming a better basketball player and is seeing immediate results on the court. To see our son elevate his game and play with confidence makes the investment into his GO sessions PRICELESS!
Rachel Tarbox
U.S. Naval Academy Go Sports Testimonial Athlete R Tarbox
Training gave me the physical means that I needed to excel in soccer throughout high school and the opportunity to continue my career at the Division 1 Level. As a female, physical fitness is a huge component of my success; Nick understood this and was dedicated to pushing me to my physical limits, which helped me grow mentally. Each training session provided me with new challenges, and I was never bored. The training is second to none and I do not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to compete at a higher level.
Phil Pfister
ESPN’s 2006 World’s Strongest Man Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Pfister
Make the most of your time and energy. If you’re interested in increasing your performance, increasing your strength, increasing your ability as an athlete, it makes sense to be intelligent in your pursuit. It’s not about the best shoes or other equipment for your kids. It’s about increasing their effectiveness in their training, good old-fashioned hard work, and an intelligent pursuit of goals. When it comes to efficiently developing and maintaining strategies like that, Go: coaches are the experts. That’s why I came to them and that’s why I can call myself the 2006 World’s Strongest Man. Become your best and do it right here in Columbus at Go: Sports Performance Center.
John Tarbox (18)
Upper Arlington High School Go Sports Testimonial Athlete J Tarabox
As the first athlete to enroll at go, and as a third generation Tarbox working out with Nick (GO: Sports Owner), I understand the importance of Functional Training. The program at GO: Sports has made me a better, more functional athlete. GO: put the Fun in Functional, because of genuinely interested staff. The trainers go out of their way to make you better, and even come to support you during your athletic events! GO: prepared me to play Division 1 Club Lacrosse at The Arizona State University. This past year they were the National Runner Ups and I look forward to adding my GO: Sports athleticism to the team!
Harold and Carol Plant
Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Plant
This unsolicited letter is written to thank the staff at "Go Sports", for providing a full spectrum of training workouts. These training workouts have allowed my daughter to greatly increase her performance on the softball diamond. Since enrolling in your disciplined regiment of various training drills, workouts, and the specialized use of weights, she has achieved more than just an increase in numbers. She has gained a noticeable edge on the field. Your professionally designed training programs have given her a tremendous boost: both mentally and physically. As a softball pitcher her strength, leg drive, core development, and agility have vastly improved. Your performance based system of training will undoubtedly help her succeed as she competes at the Division I level.
Jedd Moore
Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Moore
Training at Go: was not just about lifting weights and getting stronger. This program helped me attain my goals for this season and challenged me to make new goals for the future.”
  • 2007 High School State Wrestling Champion
JT Rice (16)
Hilliard Davidson High School
Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in this year with helping me train though out the season. I really appreciated the dedication you put forth working me out. I know I didn’t reach my ultimate goal (State Champ) this year, but I now have an even bigger goal, because I know how it feels to be on that second step. I have to work that much harder next year, but this wrestling season and everything I accomplished couldn’t have been made possible without the commitment you put in helping me train. Thank you for helping me to finish as a state runner-up and I will get my gold medal next year!
Lindsey Swihart
Grandview Heights High School Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Swihart
GO: Sports has helped me drop time in my swimming, but also helped me keep active. I know that when I go back into the swim season I will be stronger and faster to improve my times.
Oliver McGlade
Upper Arlington High School Go Sports Testimonial Athlete McGlade

My name is Oliver McGlade and I really enjoy training at GO: Sports. I feel that the effective training helped me get my full ride scholarship to Seton Hill University to play basketball. Their unique training really helped me gained the strength and speed I needed to be successful. Without GO: Sports I might still be riding the bench, instead of playing at college.

Jason Franks (16)
Grandview Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Franks
Go: Sports has helped me become the athlete I have dreamed to be. I feel so much more confident during practice and before the game starts because I know I'm in the best shape possible for my sport. The workouts at GO: are very intense but they push you to your limit without injury. GO: made me the athlete I am today.
Ladan Pritchard
Mother of Grade Pritchard (9) Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Pritchard
As an 8 year old my daughter won State championship. What was different between her and the rest? GO: Sports Performance!!! This program helped give her an edge and helped make it possible. It helps with speed, strength and endurance. Thank you GO: Sports Performance for helping her win State!
Aurora Pim (17)
Hilliard Bradley High School Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Pim
GO: Sports has helped me a ton with my equestrian abilities. The training has helped give me a stronger back, core, shoulders and legs. Many people that compete in equestrian events do not train properly and end up with injuries. The training is fun and the coaches are nice and supportive. I wouldn’t have the strength and endurance to win competitions if it wasn’t for GO: Sports.
Jordan Abbruzzese
Grandview Heights School Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Abbruzzes
GO: Sports Performance has enhanced my athletic ability and helped me to prevent injury. During my high school softball season, I was covering third base on a run-down in between third and home. The runner from second came to third unexpectedly, and slid into my knee, purposely trying to take me out. I withstood the blow, while the runner stayed on the ground. She had dislocated her knee instead. GO: Sports Performance has stabilized and build up my muscles. Before, my knee would have caved in and I would have also been hurt.
Tommy Rowlands
Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Rowlands
As an undersized heavyweight, I have found Go:’s strength training programs to be pivotal to my success. GO:’s Conditioning program is the most effective training I have found.
  • 2x NCAA National Champion
  • 4x NCAA All American
  • 2x High School State Champion
  • OSU Varsity Wrestling Coach
  • World Univ. Games Champion
  • U.S. Open Champion
  • 2012 Olympic Hopeful
Ben Kompa (16)
Upper Arlington High School Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Kompa
Without GO: Sports I would have not had an amazing track and field season. Sports Performance and FASST classes allowed me to throw over 110 ft in discus and 35 ft in shot put. Without GO: I wouldn’t have been a serious competitor at track meets.
Bryn Woodhouse
Go Sports Testimonial Athlete Woodhouse
The training program has really helped me become stronger so I am not pushed around on the field. The physical fitness that I have attained by training here has greatly helped me on the field. I don’t have to worry about being fast enough or having enough endurance to play the entire game. I love the functional training, because it is varied and never boring - which makes working out very fun!”