Train At The Right Level

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The Go: Sports training model is about developing the athlete with a progressive functional model. What we mean by this is an ongoing development of the movement, stability, and coordination of athletes along with their speed and strength.

We want to continually challenge the athlete both mentally and physically, without frustrating them. This is the reason we have six levels of training.

Unlike most schools and our competitors, these six training levels allow us to continually develop the athlete and prepare them for their sport, in an appropriate way. We want to focus our training on the key elements that they are missing and not just throw them into the mix with everyone else. This can often frustrate and stifle athletes. Also, having them go as hard as they can at a level they are not ready for can set them up for serious injury as well.

GO: Sports’ programs allow older athletes to develop what is missing, so they have the chance at more success, standing out and playing at the next level. It also allows the younger athletes to progress and mature safely, have more fun, get better results, and get ahead of other kids at their age.

It doesn’t make sense to train your junior-high or high-school athlete as though the are a 24 to 30 year old pro that has unbelievable physical abilities and have been playing their sport for 20 years at this point. We need to prepare our youth athletes to be able to play the best that they can at their age, and enable them to play at the next level.

As an added benefit, with six different levels, we are able to fine-tune the training to an athlete’s needs, without the expense of paying for 1-on-1 training.

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